PC Tune-Ups and Maintenance

First Option offers a few different options for tuning up and maintaining your computers. You might be asking, “How exactly do you “tune-up” a computer?”


FirstOption has two different tune-up categories: The Basic and the Major. The Basic Tune-Up consists of mostly software related and operational services. We ensure that the start-up and shut-down process is happening as fast as possible. We clean up any unnecessary programs, files, and settings that are slowing the computer down. We also run special software to optimize the actual operation of your computer, such as ensuring the hard disk is operating at optimal speeds (not applicable to Solid State Drives), the memory is working efficiently, and that your web browsers are operating optimally as well. We will also check for malware, however, the malware will not be removed unless you accept that service as well. But good news! You receive a 30% discount for any malware removal service that is conducted as a result (not in conjunction with) the tune-up process. Finally, FirstOption will dusty, clean, and shine the exterior of your PC. You can view our tune-up options and pricing here

The Major Tune-Up consists of all the services listed under the Basic Tune-Up with the addition of a thorough internal cleaning as well as the removal and reapplication of the thermal paste on all applicable components. This may not seem like such a big deal but these two extra services can have a major affect on the operation of a computer, depending on its current condition. Heat is the ultimate enemy of electronics and by cleaning out all the dust from inside as well as applying new, high-end thermal paste you can bet that your PC will run as cool as it is designed to run, meaning longer life and better performance.

Maintenance Plans:

FirstOption has two maintenance plan options, which are described below. A maintenance plan, in short, consists of one or both of the above two types of tune-ups, but conducted on a regular basis for a period of one year for one single fee. A contract will be signed and appointments will be made ahead of time for these services. Due to the very large discount given for a maintenance plan in comparison with paying for the tune-ups outright, there are no refunds once the first maintenance service has been conducted.

The first of the two types of maintenance plans is the Quarterly Quick Maintenance. This plan consists of (4) Basic Tune-Ups conducted once every three months. The plan is $119 per year, a total savings of $60 if you were to pay for each tune-up individually. The second plan is the Quarterly Major Maintenance. This plan consists of (2) Basic Tune-Ups and (2) Major Tune-Ups conducted alternately, once every three months. The maintenance plan starts with a Major Tune-Up and alternates from there. This plan runs $199 per year, a total savings of $69, giving you the best value of the two plans. The Major Maintenance Plan also comes with a 10% discount on all repairs and upgrades conducted during the duration of the plan. This Major Maintenance Plan is by far the best value and deal First Option offers at this time.