Wireless and Wired Networks‎

Cost of equipment such as routers, cabling, switches, or hubs are additional. Only labor is listed below.

Home Router Setup +3 Devices

Connect and setup one router as listed below along with connection of two devices to the router.


  • Physical connection and setup of one router.
  • Configure DHCP settings or work with ISP (internet Service Provider) to establish static IP.
  • Update router firmware if needed.
  • Configure the wireless connection with desired name and password.
  • Enable wireless security as desired.
  • Connect up to three devices to the router.
  • Will troubleshoot and fix any issues involved with setup of the network.

Includes up to 25 feet of Ethernet cable.


  • Additional device connections, £3 per device.
  • Additional Ethernet cable (Cat5e), £0.3 per foot.
  • Additional routers during same session,£24 each.
  • Small Business/Office Router Setup +3 Devices £45

All services are identical to the “Home Router” services with the only exception being that the initial price covers 1 hour. Each additional hour is billed at £30 per hour. A basic single-router network installation with 3 devices or less can be done in about an hour.


Each hour beyond the first.