Major Tune-Up requires First Option to have the PC overnight. Quick Tune-Up is conducted on site in one hour or less (on average).

Major Tune-Up £49‎

A top-to-bottom tune-up of the entire PC: Internal, external, and operating system.

  • Disassemble the PC and remove dust from and inspect all internal components.
  • Remove and reapply thermal paste on applicable components.
  • Run graphics, memory, and hard disk tests.
  • Thorough Defragmentation

PLUS all items listed under Quick Tune-Up


30% Off Applicable Malware Removal £28+

Quick Tune-Up £25

A quick, on site tune-up of the operating system only.


  • Check for malware and consult on removal if present (additional costs apply for removal).
  • Assessment w/ upgrade or software suggestions.
  • Optimize the PC’s start-up and shutdown process for fastest experience.
  • Remove and clean all temp and registry files.
  • Install any operating system updates that are available.
  • Check for and install all available driver updates.
  • Fully test operation of the PC for proper function.
  • Dust and cleanup the exterior.
  • Clean up unnecessary programs and optimize web browsers.
  • Basic Defragmentation[/reveal]


30% Off Applicable Malware Removal