Hard Drive Repair

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Hard drives fail. After 3 years, about 35% of all laptop hard drives will fail. If you are in need of a hard drive repair, you’ve come to the right place! More specifically though, you’ll want us to retrieve the data from your failing hdd and replace the drive. Once a hard drive starts going bad, the only solution is to get your data out and put a new drive into your computer. If you wait too long to replace a bad hard drive, the data may become irretrievable (even for our experts!). So please, if you think you have a bad hard drive, bring your computer by today and let us help! Here are a few common symptoms of a bad hard drive:

  • Computer regularly freezes – If your computer is freezing, it’s likely because your hard drive isn’t responding. If this starts to become a regular occurrence, bring your computer in before it’s too late!
  • Sudden onset of very slow performance – If your computer has recently become very slow, you might have a problem with your hard drive. Maybe the drive has developed a bad sector where an important file is being stored, or maybe the drive is simply on its last leg. Let us help!
  • You occasionally hear a click – This is one of the last noises you want to hear from your computer. A click means the magnetic heads inside your hard drive heads did not engage properly. This can kill a hard drive in an instant!
  • Computer stops booting into Windows – If your computer isn’t even booting into Windows anymore, your drive may have crashed. We can test your hard drive and if it’s bad we’ll save your data and replace your drive for you!

Hard drives store all your important data. If you’re concerned about your hard drive, let us run a FREE hard drive test! We’ll run a thorough sector test and check out every nook and cranny on your drive to make sure it’s in 100% working order. Give us a call to our office anytime, or fill out our ‘Contact us’ form and one of our trained managers will be happy to help!