External Hard Drive Recovery

Do you need to recovery data from an external hard drive? Maybe the external drive was dropped or damaged in some other way? Even if the external Hdd simply went bad from sitting on your desk, we can help! Our trained data recovery technicians are experts at recovering data from external hard drives of all types. We begin by taking the drive out of the enclosure to get a better look at your drive. If you have important data stored on a failing external hard drive, let us help you get your data back. Here are a few important aspects of our external hard drive recovery service:

No Data, No Charge – The first thing you should know about our external hdd data recovery services is that we do NOT charge you if the data you wanted is not recovered. This seems obvious to us, but we’ve seen far too many companies charge a fee for a non-recovered drive.

Free Estimates – Just like all of our jobs, we offer free estimates on data recovery. Every external drive recovery is different and we can give you a quote for your recovery before you commit to anything.

Three Types of Recovery – Data Recovery comes in three tiers. We handle Type 1 and 2 in-house, but we mail jobs to our offsite technicians for Type 3 jobs. The reason is that Type 3 recovery jobs require a clean room and seriously expensive data recovery equipment. We only mail drives out after you approve it, and we only mail drives to a technician that our owner has worked with for years. Check out the three types of Data Recovery below:

  • Type 1: This type of recovery deals with situations where a drive is working normally but is taken from a malfunctioning enclosure.

  • Tier 2: data recoveries cover hard drives with crashed partitions, sector errors, or logical recoveries. In this case, the external drive may have been improperly ejected from a laptop or dropped but is still mechanically functioning.

  • Type 3: This type of recovery deals with mechanical failures. The most common recovery of this type is failing or completely crashed heads. This is typically for external drives that have been dropped and either click or do not spin up at all. Special equipment is typically required to remove data from these devices.

External hard drive data recovery comes in many different forms. We offer free estimates so you’ll know how much your recovery will cost before you commit to a purchase. PLEASE, make sure your data is always backed up in at least two separate locations. Hopefully you’ll never need data recovery, but if you do, our expert technicians are here to help. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call or fill out our Contact Us or Service Request Form and one of our trained managers will be happy to help you!