Data Recovery and Backup Pricing

Data Recovery and Backup- prices

Data Recovery

Data recovery is never a guaranteed service. Depending on how long it has been since the data was lost, the type of storage media, the data being recovered, and protective software installed on the PC, data recovery may or may not be successful. In most situations, much of the data can be recovered. Price increases depending on the severity of damage to the drive (if any), if data recovery needs to be outsourced to someone else, or the amount of data to be recovered is very large (500GB or more)

If special software has been used to permanently erase the data, recovery is NOT POSSIBLE. No attempt will be made to recover the data.

If it turns out that the data you need cannot be recovered (for Specific Data Recovery options) or more than 50% of the hard drive is unrecoverable (for Erased Drive options), a service fee of £30 will be charged for the attempt. Data recovery is unpredictable, can be labor intensive, and is time consuming, this is the reason for charging a fee even if the recovery is unsuccessful. If this seems unfair to you, we apologize but please consider the fees charged by major data recovery specialists. They can start at £180 and go up into the thousands upon thousands of pounds, regardless of whether they are successful.

Specific Data Recovery from PC £42+

Recovery of specific data (photos, files, or similar) from a PC.

Specific Data Recovery From Device £32

Recovery of specific data from a device other than a PC such as: Thumb drive, external drive, CD/DVD, etc.

  • Recovery of Entire Erased Drive (50 – 500 GB) £90+
    Recovery of all data on any device of 50 – 500GB in size.
  • Recovery of Entire Erased Drive (501 GB – 1 TB) £119+
    Recovery of all data on any device of 501 GB – 1 TB in size.
  • Recovery of Entire Erased Drive (1 TB – 2 TB) £149+
    Recovery of all data on any device of 1 TB – 2 Tb in size.

Data Backup and Transfers

Data Transfer is most useful for setting up new PCs and transferring the data from an old PC. User Accounts, settings, files, and a few other items can all be transferred so your transition to a new PC is smooth and seamless. Please note, Microsoft has removed the Windows Easy Transfer from Windows 8.1. Therefore, transfer must be done manually.

Recurring Backup Plan £35

Setup‎ of one PC on a data backup plan to any storage media. *Does not include cost of backup software. Please contact First Option for a quote on the cost of software.*

Transfer of Data £42

The transfer of data from one device to another or recovery using an already backed-up image or data.