Custom Computers

Custom Computers

Special software such as video/photo editing, productivity, or specialized software for security can be installed at no extra charge other than the cost of the software itself (limit of 5 programs).
ALL custom PCs come with the following benefits:
FREE delivery and installation to local (Totton) residents.
A FREE Quick Tune-Up 6 months from purchase date. As well as 20% off any maintenance plan for the life of that PC. These are services you will never have with a store-bought PC!

OVERCLOCKING -the unique customization of process speed within a computer – is available at extra cost for certain PCs upon request. Due to the nature of overclocking, permanent and devastating damage can be done to a PC if not done by a professional! This includes risks such as: Permanent data loss, fire, electrocution, and destruction of the internal parts of the PC. Because of this, First Option will only warranty overclocking performed by its own technicians. In order to ensure proper and safe function of an overclocked PC a warranty sticker will be placed on the case and a BIOS password will be put on any overclocked First Option custom PCs, meaning you will not be able to adjust these settings yourself. First Option will be happy to leave off the password and warranty sticker for you, however, warranty will be void on the PC. Overclocking is a GREAT way to get maximum performance and longevity out of your PC. It is the equivalent of fine-tuning a NASCAR or Formula 1 racecar. But the same principles apply. If the fine-tuning is done incorrectly on those vehicles, the results can be catastrophic. Please leave it to a First Option professional.

Custom Computers for the Everyday User‎

Budget PC

A budget PC is exactly that. A budget car will get you the bare essentials to get you from Point A to Point B and so will a budget PC. Upgradeability may be limited, but always possible. There will be no bells or whistles as compared to some of the other custom PC options available. If all you use your PC for is to play Solitaire, browse YouTube and Facebook, and check emails, then this category will fit you perfectly!

Mid-Line PC 

A Mid-Line PC is the equivalent of a mid-sized sedan like Toyota Camry with all the options. You will have excellent customize ability and future upgrade ability. You will have great performance in speed, productivity, and reliability. Gaming and photo/video editing will be acceptable for the average user.

Gaming PC 

Now you’re talking performance. These PCs are the equivalent of an $80,000 BMW or Mercedes and you will definitely notice the difference between these PCs and lower categories. Things like load times, productivity, and speed will be blown away. Upgradeability? Almost eternal. Customers who upgrade a few parts here and there every couple of years don’t buy a new PC for over a decade other than for the feeling of something “brand-new”, if it suits them. These PCs aren’t just for gamers, but if you are one, you will be able to run any game, all settings on “extreme”, without a single issue. The top of the line gaming PCs (we are talking the Ferrari’s of PCs) easily approach the $3,000 range.

Overclock (One Component)

Overclock (Two Components)

Overclock (Three Components)

All-Around, High-End PC

Don’t have a specific desire to “game”, nor do you need a PC for the sole purpose of graphics/video editing? Not looking for a low to mid range PC nor a business computer? Look no further First Option will build you a PC that will meet all of these needs at any time. This means your PC will be built and customized to fit nearly any high-end need, regardless of your hobby or profession. The cost of these PCs vary widely from person to person, so there is almost no limit to the cost of one of these PCs.

Custom Computers for the Professional

Business PC 

If you need a PC for most types of business, then First Option can build that, too. Consultation will involve finding out exactly what your business needs are, pricing the software for your needs, and tailoring the performance of the PC to it’s specific function within your business. Expect most average business PCs to hover in the £250-£350 range, not including businesses with a special need for graphics editing or software which requires high amounts of processing power. A high-end business PC customized for businesses who do graphics editing or run processing-intense software (scientific or extreme calculating software) can easily approached the £1200 range, but prices depend highly on specific needs.

Graphics/Video Editing PC

If‎ your livelihood or hobby revolves around editing photos, video, or creating graphics and special effects, then this PC is for you. First Option will customize every part to your specific needs. Be aware, these PCs rely heavily on graphics, processing, and memory, all of which create immense amounts of heat when under heavy use. Therefore, highly efficient cooling systems are needed in these PCs for maximum life and performance. As a result, most of these PCs are not as small as your average PC. Most of these PCs come standard with liquid cooling (just like a car) and come equipped with a radiator, fan, and coolant pump, unless otherwise requested. The top of the line PC in this category will easily approach £2500. However, a great graphics editing PC will average £1200.