Computer Repair

If you’re having issues with your device that does not fall into the malware, upgrade, or data recovery type of categories then a repair is most likely what you’re looking for.

First Option does not charge a labor rate for any residential service whatsoever.  Any repair is a flat fee which is determined based on the type of repair that is needed.  View our pricing list for repairs here.  Certain repairs differ in cost only because some repairs are much more labor intensive than others.  Also, some repairs can be completed on site very easily while others may require that we take the equipment back to the shop for proper repair.

ESD (Electrostatic Damage) Precautions:

Anytime a computer has to be opened up and the electronic components touched, special precautions must be taken.  These precautions are known as Electrostatic Damage protection.  To protect your device against an electrical shock from human touch, which can destroy small chips and parts, special static-eliminating devices must be worn and utilized during the repair.  Although, in some cases, this can be done on site with a grounding wrist strap . However, if the entire computer must be disassembled then a special mat is required as well and the device will need to be brought back to the shop.

The total cost of a repair will be the First Option fee, plus any parts needed for the repair.  You will be given the choice to have the part replaced with a tested and certified used part (90-day warranty), which are cheaper than brand new parts (1-year warranty).  The cost of parts fluctuate with the market and can be vastly different between each individual part.  A new stick of memory may run £20-25 while a new processor or motherboard can run into the hundreds.

 Motherboard Repairs:

Please be aware of a few things regarding motherboards:  (1)  Microsoft Windows is designed to tie itself to the internal identifiers of the motherboard it is installed on, known as a MAC address.  (2)  It is 100% illegal to replace a motherboard that is damaged with one that is not the exact same model without also purchasing and installing a brand new Windows License Key and Certificate of Authentication (COA).  I have ran into many, many technicians and business owners who refute this and claim that this is incorrect, but I encourage you to see for yourself at Microsoft’s website.  We’ve also put an excerpt of the FAQ from Microsoft (below) that explains how Windows lincensing works.  Unfortunately, when you buy a computer from a manufacturer you are not allowed to do whatever you want with that Windows installation; it is only licensed to be used on that computer and that computer only.

So, in summary, First Option will be glad to replace your motherboard if it is broken or damaged, provided that you (1) agree to have it replaced with an identical model or (2) decide to purchase a new Windows License if you want a different motherboard installed.