Black Screen

Does your laptop sound like it’s working, but only shows a black screen? A black laptop screen can be caused by a few problems and we’ve listed a few of these below. If your laptop has a black screen, our techs can help!

Backlight or Inverter Failure – If your backlight or inverter fails, the screen will be very very dim, but you’ll be able to make out a faint picture. We can fix this!

Graphics Card Replacement – All laptops have graphics cards and some are integrated onto the motherboard and some are standalone. Nevertheless, if either of these fails, you could get a black screen.

Laptop Screen Replacement – The most obvious solution might be a new screen! If the computer screen is black, we’ll try a new one!

Windows (or Mac) Reinstall – Maybe you saw the Bios splash screen with the manufacturer’s logo, but then the screen goes black? It could be a Windows issue!

Whatever the problem, we’ve got your solution! We offer free estimates and our techs will take a look at your machine and diagnose the problem! Fill out our ‘Contact us’ or ‘Service Request’ form and we’ll figure out why the screen is black and give you a free quote!

Or just give us a call; we’re open every day even Sunday!